Organization Change

What does an organization do when it is dissatisfied with the way things are going and wants to make a change?   Most managers face this dilemma and often need help.  I think this subject is not simple and needs careful consideration.  One thing I think that is very important is that the change be long lasting and not just a flash in the pan.  Often managers will make a personnel change in hopes that this will effect a change.  I think this may work for part of the change but other things must also happen. 

For example, the president is unhappy with his IT department and asked for a review.  Often we find there is a disconnect between the head of IT and the rest of the management team.  The real difficulty is to find out why and if a change in IT management will solve the problem.   In many circumstances, the history of the management team relationships is the key.  Unfortunately I have been called in when things have deteriorated so much that both groups are fully entrenched.  However I have often found if we can open up the dialog between the groups some good things can happen.  If we can create some breakthroughs through rapid results, things may improve.  However the key is the readiness of the president and his team to work with the head of IT to produce some tangible results.  The focus should be on bottom line results and the President must make his expectations clear. 

I always hope to get called in when things can be improved with some good consulting.  My advice is to get help before things have deteriorated to the point that no readiness to do something constructive.  My bias is to improve the environment by increasing confidence in the IT group.   I have found that with improved dialog and readiness some amazing results can be achieved.

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