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I have received some critical feedback that my post are not technical enough.  I want to tell you that I appreciate the feedback and i am listening.  Unfortunately I am not a data warehousing expert and  never will be.  However I have been in the IT business for many years and know that not only is the technical stuff important but also good consulting skills are a key to ones success.

I also realize when one is working on a leading edge technology that creates enough challenge to add other things to the mix is frustrating.   I can remember saying to myself why do not people understand how phenomenal this system is or this great idea I have.   I really do not have time to also try to make these stupid people understand.  However after several frustrating years the light dawned and I came to realize my greatest ideas will die if I do communicate them in language and in ways that are important for them.

I worked with many people whose ideas and capabilities were never allowed to flourish as they might have because of their unwillingness to take the time to share them with us mortals.  We need the mavens, connectors and salespeople to help them and they could reach out to these people to help them.  Should you be reaching out to somebody to help you bring you ideas to the front burner.

Keep the feedback coming.

  1. Morgan Goeller Reply

    I agree with you 100%. In the consulting business, our value is defined by the overall success and satisfaction of the people and organizations that we serve. Technologies come and go. Fads and trends pop up and then recede into history. The only thing that stays the same is that people have needs and they find great value in people that can help meet them.
    All too often, people embrace technology as a way to ignore people. Controlling an interaction with a reference manual is much easier than working in tandem with a difficult co-worker. IMHO, this is a much greater risk to people in the industry that offshoring, global economics, open source, or any of the other boogey men that are brought out at the programmer’s happy hour.
    I like what you write and think it has a lot of value. Keep up the good work!

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