Daylight Savings Time Change – DST

Last night over a very techie dinner a fair amount of time was taken discussing the DST issue.

It has been surrounding a bunch of systems we are working with and w have had our interruptions as the patches are installed.  No worries. 

But in a data world everyone is saying this is going to be a major issue. 
Don’t we do this every year already?  Every spring we have done this change to our systems, there have been system coordination issues and all sorts of problems.  Not in my experience.  So is it the fact that all of this software and operating systems cant handle it?  The hardware should… wait what about bios.  oh no, should we drive, should we fly… kind of feels like Y2K all over again or doesn’t it.

I know this is a real issue and there are people working hard to make sure all our devices and systems work.  So I guess on Sunday we will find out what happens.

But that isn’t the end of it.  What does everyone think will happen on the old DST day in 3-4 weeks.  Will our systems take us through the change again.

This is going to be fun.

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