Return to Fundementals

When we are dealing with a complex subject like data warehousing and most complex IT areas, I think that returning to the fundamentals of the discipline is really helpful.  One often gets mired down in small details and forget about the principle of good design.  A good design should be simple and easily explained.  The implementation may not be simple but the design should be.  I would be interested in hearing from Graham the fundamentals of data warehousing and good design. 

I was reminded of this when I recently purchased a golf book, called "How to Break 80."  It is a great book but really simply reviews the fundamentals in a simple way.  I realize I know all these things but knowing and doing are different things.  I expect we know the fundamentals but do we use them in our designs.  Often hard to see the forest for the trees, all these details.  A good design should cope with all the details.

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