Tipping Point and Senge

Today (OK last Friday) in our Senge group we finished covering the Tipping Point book.  Some of the comments and general discussions we covered were:

  • Law of the Few
  • Stickiness Factor
  • Power of Contact

The discussion was supposed to reflect on the book and how we could as a group create a tipping point.  Some of the main points discussed though were:

  • Band-Aid Solutions
    • there is lots of useful applications of this versus the major overhaul. 
    • One observation showed that when we apply a band-aid, there is a sub-system that works underneath the band-aid to heal the problem.
  • The Virtuous Circle
  • Think Globally act Locally
    • This one is often discussed and hard to implement in a world of business periods and performance metrics.
  • The Law of 150 people
    • There was great agreement on how this seems to be very applicable.
    • When the number of people on a team or work for you is about 100 it
      makes it appears that it is impossible to connect
    • Compartmentalization of the 100.  The 100 today may be different in the summer as you spend time with different people
    • The more you communicate the more the number of interactions.  It
      can be very hard to manage the growing number of contacts with work and
      personal.  When you travel or live in a global dispersed life the
      number of people we are exposed to and start to interact is
    • How do we manage this?
    • Will we as humans expand our capability?

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