CoffeeCAST – #37 – Ipedo and the Virtualization of Data

Welcome to the 37th CoffeeCAST (and the first of 2007) with Stephen Hayward of Project X Ltd.  It is great to be back.  I have been off living the delivery dream stepping over to the dark side (delivery) for a couple of months.  But I am back and with a vengence.

Today I would like to welcome back Tim Matthews, Co-Founder and VP Marketing at Ipedo.  Tim was a guest back in Feb. 2006 on a great CoffeeCAST where he introduced us to the ideas behind Enterprise Information Integration (EII).  Today I welcome back Tim in a discussion around:

  • Virtualizaion – creation of abstraction layers
    • Platform
    • Resource
  • Virtualization of Databases – making them appear virtual
    • Database
    • XML
    • X-Query (Oracle)
  • Temperature of Data – (Dan Lindsted Post)
    • Hot
    • Lukewarm
    • Cold
  • State of Affairs and Interest – where are the trends – Banks and Insurance leading
    • Geography
    • Common Views
    • Regulatory issues
    • Web Services

Download 01_ipedo_and_virtualization_cc_37.mp3

Tim thanks again for your time and it was a pleasure talking with you.  Good luck on your own experimentation on podcasting and Video blogging.  Check out his blog

Listen in and we hope you enjoy and more importantly, hope you join in the conversation.  So drop a comment in the blog or send me an email and share your thoughts on the topic.

The audiocast is available on iTunes (as a Podcast) or here for download.  Have a great day and join the conversation.

  1. Integration Insider Reply

    A Discussion on Virtualization with Stephen Hayward

    Had a good conversation with Stephen Hayward of ProjectX around data virtualization. Stephen did a good job summarizing the discussion and providing some background, which you can see in this entry Or go right to the podcast.

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