Keeping Myself Encouraged

I am been trying hard to improve my golf game and I am getting very frustrated.  I was reflecting on this and how to keep myself encouraged.  First thing I thought of is that I am very fortunate that my body allows me to play and practice as much as I want.  I think as well I am learning patience.  Each little insight I get helps, but then I must translate it into a physical thing.  As you might guess, I am a very intellectual type guy and I think once I understand something, problem solved.  Not so in golf and maybe many other things in life, we must overcome old beliefs and habits that have developed over many years.   Some these beliefs are not immediately obvious.  I expect I have model of the golf swing that is not ideal.   Discovering the model is one of the challenges. 

It is quite a humbling and learning experience for me.  I really do enjoy playing golf even when I am not playing well.  I am not sure why but I think it is the personal challenge.  The challenge is one that I theoretically have complete control over.  When I get myself in a good spot or a bad spot. I have no one but myself to credit, I almost said blame.

I am very thankful that I have the opportunity to grow in knowledge about myself through something I enjoy so much. 

The other aspect of the game that is really fun is the people you play with.  I have really great golfing friends and I am fortunate my wife plays. 

So I now see some of the ways I can keep myself encourage in the face of apparent lack of progress.  Patience, perseverance and practice, the three P’s of golf improvement and, I think, life as well.

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