In Transit – my New MacBook Pro

So I hopped on to the Fedex site with my waybill # in hand and decided I would follow the trip and see how it goes…

January 25th
Picked up by Fedex

January 26th
10:13 am left origin – Shanghai, China
2:32 pm arrives in Ankorage Alaska
4:47 pm leaves Ankorage Alaska
(OK two places I have never been.  Now my MacBook has done more travelling to exotic locals than me)

January 27th
1:33 am arrives Memphis, TN
3:41 am departs Memphis TN
7:19 am arrives in Mississauga
(now that is less than 40 km away – wow that was fast)

January 28th
Nothing – OK it’s Sunday.

January 29th
9:05 pm In Transit, expected delivery time 30th by noon.
(not meaning to nit pick here, but your 2 days are up,  but in just over 12 hours I will get my new Mac)

January 30th
9:41 am at Destination Sort Facility – hey wait isn’t that a step backwards, they are still saying 30th by noon.
11:00 am still at Destination Sort Facility.  If that is the back of the truck on it’s way here it might be on time…
12:41 pm still at Destination Sort Facility.  Funny though still says it will be delivered by noon…
1:44 pm on Fedex Truck for Delivery.  Oh it is so close… but now I have to stay home to wait for delivery and miss a Doctor appointment with Thomas.
3:45 pm on Fedex Truck for Delivery.  Missed Thomas’ Doctor appointment, they are now home.  No computer yet…

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