Time to Convert

Well, after 4 years I am going to upgrade my laptop.  I have an amazing little Acer tablet PC.  A little short on horsepower, but it is great little road machine.

So now I have decided to move to a new machine.  I need to be able to do many things:

  • Workforce productivity – Windows
  • Teradata development – Windows
  • DataStage development – Windows
  • Dot Net suite – Windows
  • BEA BPM software – Windows
  • Various modeling tools
  • Blogging
  • Podcasting
  • Video blogging
  • Design

So after some coaching a cajoling I decided to change my platform slightly by adding some functionality from Apple OSX and Parallels.

So today I ordered from Apple a MacBook Pro which will allow me to continue to run my Windows stuff along with the more creative stuff from Apple.

I am pretty excited as I had MIP benchmark almost all of my tools on his MacBook Pro and he found that they all generally ran as fast if not faster. So with all of the conversations about the platform I realized that this is not a PC vs Mac world, but a PC and Mac mash up.

So let’s see what the conversion process is like.

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