The Buy – My New MacBook Pro

So today I finally decided to take the plunge, actually it was yesterday.  So when I got home from the office last night I called the Apple store… oh no, it was after 9 (9:04pm actually) and the store was closed.  I had wanted to see if they had the one I wanted in stock, so I decided to wait and go into the store this morning when it opened.

So I went to the Yorkdale Apple store for 9:30 hoping the Indigo would be open and I could grab a Starbucks in advance of my move back to Apple.  Sadly the Indigo opened at 10am, no good coffee.  So I waited for the store to open.

When it did there were about 15-20 of us waiting I could not believe it, but realized that there were a bunch of people with appointments at the bar.  So I stood in front of the one I wanted and was quickly served by a great girl and I asked:

"Can I get a MacBook Pro, 17", 3Gb RAM, 160 Gb HD, Glossy screen"

She pulled up a screen on one of the Macs and looked.  She said:

"I can only get the 2 Gb, but may I ask why you need 3Gb of RAM"

I thought that was a little lame, but said because that is what I wanted.  So she continued to think and tried hard to think of a way to get me my computer.  Sadly we decided that it just was not possible.  She had suggested buying the 2Gb version and then buying another 2Gb chip and switching, but found out I could not buy it.

So off I went with my good old Tablet in hand to Indigo to get me a coffee and buy a computer.  It took all of 5 minutes to place my order online @

So as a time check, by 10:46 am on the 25th of January I had bought the machine.  I should have it 2 business days from shipping.

A couple of thoughts.

  1. If the girl could look up inventory at the store, why couldn’t I do that last night, or order for pick-up at my closest Apple store.
  2. There must have been a way to do the process the girl had suggested that would have gotten me my laptop, but that may be an inventory control issue.
  3. The process, though it had some hurdles was easy.

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