Delivering on Promises

One of my personal experiences in consulting was the two phases.  The first was the proposal phase where on made commitments to deliver certain things.  The second phase was when the client said yes, and now you had to deliver on the promises.  I always found the acceptance of my proposal a real high followed by the realization of having to deliver.   Early on I found that a difficult feeling but later I recognized it as just a part of the process.   After every high, there is always a predictable low. 

Another part of this process was that you were always tempted to use what worked on the last project.  However no two projects are the same and to try to force the solution to another problem onto the new problem was always a mistake.  One can learn lessons from experience but things do often repeat.  I do not mind checklists but rigorous methodology never worked for me.  For example each strategic planning projects presents it special circumstances.  The dynamics and issue are different.  Everything must be geared to issue to be addressed not gear the issue to some process.  Good consultants will adjust their methodology to the special circumstances.

At Project X, while we have some key principles that we follow, we address each opportunity with the recognition that we must use our creativity and experience to respond with a solution that addresses the issues.  We always look to produce rapid results for the client and lasting value.  The client’s success is our success.  We are careful of the promises we make.

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