Regression Test – A frustrating Non-Word

Having just about completed my upgrade I am constantly surprised how people throw this word out at any chance they can get.

I am starting to feel that this is becoming testing’s non-word.  In a world of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) we should be able to evolve to a new evolution of testing that proves that we are saving money and not creating these huge interdependent beasts that when a small change is made need to do a complete regression test.

So all you testing leaders and Business Analysts.  Could you please start by saying:

  1. We need to test this change! – OK I am fine with this
  2. How do we do that properly, what sort of testing is required? – I am excited to hear that

I am going to do some research on testing techniques in the SOA world, so if anyone has any suggestions please let me know.

PS – thanks for letting me rant.

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