How Sweet It Is!

I am really honoured to be able to share my personal experiences of many years of consulting.  The consulting business is such a great place to work because you are always learning.  To be able to reflect and share these experiences is awesome.

I am sure that as you read my thoughts and philosophy, they provoke your own thoughts and ideas.  I think that is what makes the effort so satisfying.

If anybody has questions or criticisms on anything I write, I really do welcome any thoughts.  If you had not tried blogging, I recommend to dive in.  However it does take time and some thought. 

I would like to thank everybody who is reading this, especially Stephen and Graham.   I am really committed to provide you with the "Best of Jim."

  1. Stephen Reply

    First thing – Thank you. As I have been so busy lately I have been remiss on being able to post and I have appreciated your input and sharing.
    As those who know Project X, know that you are a key part of our nucleus of development and a lot of your beliefs and items you have been sharing are a part of our company belief structure.
    The purpose of this blog has always been to share ideas, start discussions and evolve thinking on issues both technical, advisory and as part of our involvement in the world around us.
    You have done a great job in this. As we know people have a choice as to whether they want to read the ideas and thoughts we share. Not all will be meaningful and sometimes understood by all parties, but this is meant to be a common place about the things that effect the world of Project X, our clients and our world.

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