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I have been just reading MIP’s Scan about the new Iphone from Mac and how excited MIP is about it all.  see

I recall my experience with Apple and how reluctant I am to buy into it again.  Way back in the dark ages we bought an Apple product, the LISA.  The one after the Apple 2 and before the Mac.  However it was very sensitive to power fluctuations and gave us some trouble as a result,if I recall correctly.  It was great to use but they clearly scrimped on the power supply.  I then moved to the MacIntosh and really loved it but it was proprietary and the applications were really limited.  I loved its ease of use and the simple intuitive manner it operated.  However I could not be compatible with all the PC stuff so I eventually gave in and bought a PC.  Since then Apple has gone through difficulties and now is on the rise again with its IPOD.  I am sure it is a great user friendly machine but now the price tag is a problem.  I really do not use many of the features that the Mac offers so hard to justify the price.  I guess because they have a proprietary product they really do not have competition to keep the price competitive. 

Bottom line is my love of the Mac was overcome by business necessities and the costs.  Now I am reluctant to even look again even though I agree they have a far better user interface.

  1. Maida Reply

    I have found that the Mac vs PC debate is very dependent on the domain – Macs are very common in places that require a lot of image or sound manipulation (graphic design, even linguistics departments) and less so in more number- or word-oriented situations.
    This is shifting as the new Intel-based Macs and UNIX-based OS X allow more people to switch over while remaining compatible (and as people grow to appreciate the design elements through more easily accessible products like the ipod).

  2. mip's scan Reply

    A Virtual Machine on A Mac “IS” Windows

    I had two potential titles for this post, the one above, A Virtual Machine on A Mac IS Windows or an alternate Have No Fear, You Can Buy A Mac Now. I read with interest this morning a post over

  3. Stephen Reply

    It is interesting to watch Jim get caught in this conversation. Because of his love of the Mac, I used one until I entered the professional world. PC for Engineering school, MAC for all else.
    Then in the business world was forced to stay PC.
    Lately I have been working on ensuring all the items that Morgan and Arthur refer to. Even good old MIP has verified on his MAC that all the software including Teradata utilities works through Parallels on the MAC.
    So now it is waiting for the right time to retire my old PC and step into this new world.
    The sad part is that we are still living on the leading edge. Most large corporations don’t accept them. Take Morgan’s example. It is good that it is no longer about interoperability but acceptance.
    The challenge I see is that I can get the Laptop I want for $2000 that on the MAC platform is $3500. I am still going to do it, but that is hard from a corporate point of view. Jim is right on this point, there doesn’t seem to be a product that competes against it to drive the price down, the demand is still high at the high price. Good for Apple.

  4. Jim Reply

    Thamks for your comments. I guess you really like the Mac. I know MIP and many people feel the same way. All I was pointing out was that when I tried to use the Mac before they opened it up, I found myself isolated and was not using the technology of my clients. Created all kinds of problems.
    However they certainly had a much better user interface. I regret still having to move away from it.
    What I was indicating was how difficult it would be for me to move back.
    Again thanks for your comment.

  5. Arthur Reply

    You don’t seem to know anything. I read your post on Mac vs PC and then others on your site. Have you even used the new Macs? They run Windows 100% so I don’t get your hesitation. If you have some special program that only Windows can run then run it on the Mac in Windows. To me you sound old and dated in your thinking and your other posts on your blog sound the same. Half of them have nothing to do with technology and read like birthday cards. PCs suck. Your post sucks. And your blog sucks.
    Use a Mac before you make such stupid posts in the future.

  6. Morgan Goeller Reply

    I can understand your feelings about the Mac vs. PC issue, as I came up in the industry about the same time. Apple made great products, but you had to sacrifice to use them. However, things are legitimately different now.
    In my last position, I fought the management for a mac and finally got one after several months. I was so much more productive than my peers with it that they all ended up requesting one too.
    I would recommend them for business for several reasons:
    1. Mac OS X is UNIX based, with a fully functioning command line and a ton of open source software available. This makes for an incredibly flexible machine right out of the box.
    2. The Mac product line is based on Intel chips and can easily run PC software, such as windows XP. It can do this natively (at bootup), or through 3rd party emulators such as VMWare. If you have tools that have to run in Windows you should be able to do this at little or no cost.
    3. Price is fairly competitive with other major PC manufacturers. Check out the price comparisons for Apple vs. Dell (
    4. Security is significantly better than Windows, and not just because of obscurity. I haven’t been effected by a virus yet, and have watched my peers meltdown with SQL Slammer and other virii. I don’t have any anti-virus software installed, I just keep up with the automatic updates.
    5. Open software and protocols really change the game. It doesn’t matter what kind of system I have when I am running a scripting language (Python, PERL, Ruby) using standard protocols (TCP/IP) to connect to remote machines. Or, if I use Firefox to connec to a web host who cares what OS I am using?
    6. MS-Office is available for the mac, totally interoperable. I think it is easier to use Google Docs, but it is your choice.
    7. It is what I use at home, because I want a system that my wife and kids can use without a lot of hassle.
    If you are interested, I would recommend you go into an Apple store and talk with someone about it. Or ping me and can tell you about my experiences working with Apple in the enterprise

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