Review and Goals

Great time of year to review last year and set goals for next year.  I do mine very quickly and then review them later.  It sounds like a ponderous task but if I do it quickly, I find it simple and very helpful.

I think this year I will review my list every month to see how I am doing and see if I want to change things.  I think there is a tool on my computer to remind me.  However maybe the first of the month also be a trigger.

Another thing I will do is prioritize the list.  I will rate each one an A, a B, or a C.  Then create an A!, A2, A3, etc.  If you recall my Time management Blogs, you will recall that the key to effective time management is to be working on your high priority tasks on the your best time of the day.   The idea is not just be efficient but effective by doing the high priority items first.

As I review my list I see that I need to make them more specific and make sure they are things that I can take action on.  I may be even able to put some specific measures on some of them.  That would be even better because I am now visualizing my achieving the goal.

Have goal achieving  2007!

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