Turning the Web Log into Hardcopy

Jim asked me the other day to look into how he could have a printout of his posts that he has done.  So I have been surfing around the web today.  Here is what I have found so far…

0.  Typepad – save content as text.  It is ok, but not a great tool.  Good for backup though.

1.  Blurb – originally brought to my attention by MIP.  Sadly though, my PC doesn’t have the horsepower to download and run.  Why is this not SaaS (software as a service)?  I will have to get another PC out and try it on that one.

2.  Zamzar – a file conversion service I found a while ago, it doen’t allow for the right input format.

3.  BlogPrinting – this is a SaaS service that also allows you to easily resell your blog book.  Looks like it could be a bit expensive for colour, but an option that I will explore.

4.  BlogBinders – They have gone out of business and send you to lulu.com

5.  Lulu.com – At first blush, it appears you need a PDF version of your content.  Well for me, if I can create that then I am done already.

OK, now I am out of time for today, but I was surprised not to find as much useful information on the web about this.  Certainly an opportunity for Typepad to come up with a service.

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