2006 A Year in Review

Wow what a year.

I have just come off the ski hill with Thomas and Jen, somehow we have enough snow to have an almost 4 year old smiling from ear to ear.  It was AWESOME.  So it got me to finalizing some thoughts I have been having about my end of year post.

As I imagined, I have a lot to be thankful for and we have seen some interesting milestones here at Project X Ltd.  So between home and work this has been a banner year.  So here are my thoughts in no order other than how they came out of my head:

  1. Thomas and Jennifer. 
    Wow what a pair.  Living life through the eyes of a three year old has renewed and inspired me in asking questions, learning and trying new things.  Their support would not make Project X possible.
  2. My co-founder – Graham,
    The guy is incredible, both in his expertise as well as his grounded-ness.  The guy has been amazing in some neat situations this year.
  3. Our clients. 
    We added three new client this year and that was nice and new, but our existing clients have been amazing challenging us with issues, opportunities and a great amount of support.  MIP and Charles have been very supportive to me in my personal growth.
  4. Our people.
    We grew to over 25 people this year.  Wow, some interesting experiences both good and bad that have helped us grow.  It is wild though to see when people gel and how much more you can get out of the whole.
  5. Our Partners.
    We added Netezza, expanded our relationship with Teradata and began a relationship with Boardwalk International.  All very different and it will be interesting to see where they lead.
  6. My Family.
    You all know Jim from the blog posts.  I always held Jim in high regards, people around me have always supported that belief,but I remember once he said "I am worried that you think too highly of me, but I am mortal and made mistakes".  The funny thing is that in working with him at Project X I have realized he was wrong in some ways, he just could not see what the rest of us see.
    My Mom, who has always been interested in what I am doing regradless of whether she understands what we do – I love you for your unwavering support.
    My Father-in-law, who is always there with a listening ear and insights from a different point of view.
  7. My Friends.
    I am blessed with friends that have the patience for when I am out of touch and also are there to help lend a hand with anything.  Schaef, MIP, Pete, Dave and Mark are always there to support in different ways.
  8. The Things we are Able to get Involved in.
    I love the world of data and data movement.  This year has been interesting in the evolution of people’s view of data.  It wasn’t quite the year of data, but man o man the world of data has evolved.  Our partners evolving thinking and the world around us is really making this an area where if you want to you can learn something every day.
    This blog has been a great learning experience for me.

So this list is a bit long, but is just the tip of the iceberg on the things that have made this the best year since the year Thomas was born.  Thanks to everyone, I appreciate your comments as that is also a way we all learn and evolve.

Happy New Year and I wish everyone the best.

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