Fear of Writing

I have been writing more on this blog than I have written previously in my career.   I wonder what has opened the flood gates.  I am not sure.  The first thing I think is Stephen’s openness to anything I write and his support. 

With all his great traits, Harvey was a perfectionist and I never really felt like a perfect writer.  I wonder now if anybody does.  Now I have decided to jump in and share my experience.  I guess I also realize if I do not share, these ideas may disappear with me.

The other neat thing about blogging is the ability to work through your own issues.

Now my next question is why do people not comment on my blogs.  I often wonder what people think about all this stuff I write.  If they are tempted to comment, why do they hesitate?  I expect it is the same idea of putting it out there and it may not be the perfect idea.  Let me tell you, if I waited till my ideas were perfect, I would never get started.  I think everybody would have opinions on my items as they are certainly not very technical.

So thanks, Stephen, for getting the juices flowing and allowing my writing muse to grow. 

  1. Maida Reply

    I think that people often do not comment because they feel like they don’t have much to contribute – not necessarily out of a sense of perfectionism but rather because they don’t quite know how to evolve a blog post (which could be likened to a magazine article) into a conversation. I know that for me, I comment when I feel I can add something (hopefully) interesting, but that for every comment I leave there are 15-20 posts that I read without commenting.

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