The Brain, Mouth and Body

I was reading over at the site "Creating Passionate Users" a Post called "What you DO affects what you THINK".

Two things struck me in reading the post.
1.  Cathy Sierra is really good at starting an interesting conversation.
2.  How right the exercises that she talks about are.

I have always observed the power of words in interactions with people and really had not thought about it the way that Cathy brings this together.

There may be nothing new in the findings, but the thoughts should not be forgotten.  I have always thought that having positive people around you helps, and in diving a little deeper into that I realized it was due to their demeanor and how that affects me.  So linking the brain to the body is amazing.  Adding the link to words which is how we can effect others creates the symbiotic circle.

This is important in the world of IT as all of the things we do are for people, whether it is a web site, call centre portal, financial report or database, we work with various users, and other people to get the job done.  How we interact with people in this process can really change the process and result.

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