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A group to which I belong has decided to become more informed about Global Warming.  We have created a blog to discuss the issue.  I decided to put my thought now on the blog and then see  how my view changes.  I copy it here in case you do not visit

As I have just started to inform myself about the issue of Global Warming I thought it would be interesting to share my position as of this moment and then review when I become more informed.  I wonder how my view will change.  I have the book "Heat" but have not read it yet but have read the articles on Save Your Children blog and watched The Inconvenient Truth video.

I am just not sure what action to take.  One thing which is obvious
is that the planet will survive but maybe not the human race as we know
it.   I am not sure of the timetable but reading about the melting
permafrost and peat bogs make me wonder if the timetable has moved to
within my grand-children’s lifetime.   Another thing which is clear is
that the industrialize world is contributing most of the CO2.  However
as China and India develop they will contribute much more.  30,000 coal
mines in China is a staggering figure. 

Another thing I think of is the Club of Rome in the early 70’s, who
were a group of informed politicians, including Pierre Trudeau,  who
warned that the world oil supply was running out.  The price of oil
skyrocketed, cars became much more fuel efficient, speed limits were
reduced to 55, no more Christmas lights, but then the crisis passed and
now we are back to where we were before.  Is this a scare like that?

I have no doubt we are not being very careful with our environment
at the expense of improving our personal wealth.  It really sounds
irresponsible on the surface but I am one of the guys who benefited
from the economic expansion and I do not really feel irresponsible.
Must be the other guys. 

Another thing that I think about is how we really do not know how
the world’s chemistry will react to these changes and how nature will
adapt.  In addition we have so much more technology at our disposal, we
could address the issue like we did in the 70’s.  An example of
something that we have not really tapped into is nuclear power.
Although we have not completely solved the disposal problem we are well
on the way to solving the problem.  We have such a large amount of
energy at our disposal with nuclear that we could use our hydrocarbons
for other purposes.  However building nuclear power stations takes a
long time.  Again we are underestimating the ingenuity of man.  We have
great survival instincts in crisis.  Again hearken back to the 70’s.

So if we were really convince that a crisis was looming I think we
would solve the problem.  I guess I worry about getting to the tipping
point too late.  That book, The Tipping Point, by the way, is really
interesting on this issue.  The big thing is to find something that

So am I jeopardizing my grand-children’s future?  I have a grandson,
Cameron, who is ten months old and others who are 4, 5, and 8.   They
will be 45 to 55 in the year 2050.  That really makes me pause and
motivates me to do more research.  Also I think about what I can do
personally.  However the little things I can do feel like spitting in
the wind when I read about the melting permafrost and the peat bogs. 

Another point I have read recently is that this global warming scare
is concocted by people promoting world government.  Now you know I
think some sort of world order would not be a bad idea as long as
people’s rights are respected.  I think we are a long way from that but
we are closer than we were 50 years ago.  If people would talk more and
understand other positions better, we would be better off.  Why can we
not see that even though we see things differently we can be both
right?  Everybody is trying to to do the best they can and mutual
respect would go a long way.  "My way or the highway" is not a winning
strategy.  Most groups seem to think that way.  We need a new vision.
Where is the new prophet?  Where is the Martin Luther King, Gandhi, or
Jesus for our modern time?   However I do not buy a conspiracy theory.

It occurred to me recently that it may be one of my grandchildren.
Can you imagine how I might treat them if I knew now that they were
that special person.  I bet Mary and Joseph never really knew they had
that special person in the form of that little defenseless baby.  My
next thought is would I want them to be because it would be such a
tough life.   However I would like to save the world.

So these are my thoughts as of December 2006, very disjointed and
not well formed, but I am on a pilgrimage and will develop my thoughts
as the journey continues. 

What am I doing right now?  I am informing myself and sharing my
ideas with others.  I am thinking about being more energy responsible.
I expect my next car will be much more energy efficient and I will turn
my thermostat down much lower while I am away during the winter.  I
will walk more than ride for my short outings but that has more with
being retired than anything.  I will also be sharing my ideas with
anybody who will listen.  However I am not a zealot, I see all sides of
most issues.  I am, however, not a complainer, I either take action or
not complain.  I just do not buy all these conspiracy theories and the
big, bad USA stuff.  We are all in this together.  "Cooperation is the
iron clad logic of social living" – Alfred Adler

As soon as we can we will be using the url:

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