Pulling Rabbits out of Your Hat

Over the past 4 weeks I have been constantly reminded as to why I believe so strongly in our people.  They seem to pull rabbits out their hats. 

Graham refers to the Rocky and Bullwinkle cartoons, where Rocky will say watch as I pull a rabbit out of my hat.  Inevitably he pulls everything but.  Sadly that can happen, even to us.  But more often than not do to some good team work and extra special effort on some smart folks we have actually had the rabbit come out.

The other side is the story I think of…


A Bear and a Rabbit are taking a shitake in the woods and
the bear turns to the rabbit and says "do you find that shitake sticks to your fur?"
to which the rabbit responds "no"

So the bear picks up the rabbit and wipes it’s butt.

That’s what I think of when people talk about rabbits out of their hats.  A loose connection, but one all the same.

OK so why the post.

The bottom line is that, often people are referred to as an overnight success after years of hard work.  In IT and specifically Data Warehousing, the level of pre-work and analysis that goes into writting a killer query often looks like the pulling rabbits out of a hat (or your ass) situation.

People who know the data and know the technology aligned with people who know their business are the true magicians.

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