Running with the Squirrels

I remembered this ad as it came out when I was at EDS and I loved the premise.  As a small business, we are really trying to both be the squirrels as well as help our customers be more nimble.

The irony was about the fact that EDS was also one of the big beasts as they referred to at the end of the commercial

The world of Enterprise Data Warehousing is full of the big honking animals and the businesses they support are having a hard time dealing with the squirrel competitors.

  1. Jim Reply

    I expect it is a state of mind rather than size. I think our anxiety takes over and we get scared. If we could only learn that “if we keep doing what we have always done, we get what we always got.”

  2. Stephen Hayward Reply

    I think the big guys can do this, but choose not to.
    This is a mindset, I find it on the two Rapid Results projects that it is very difficult to think like a squirrel and keep that mentality going. It is very easy to become the bull…

  3. Jim Reply

    The momentum that the big guys have really makes it difficult to be nimble. Especially if they have been successful and profitable for long time.
    Really the challenge is to use your nimbleness to significant advantage. You need to find how to make your idea stick.
    Remember the ingenious ad by Avis “We try harder.” That was when they were up against Hertz which was so much larger.

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