DataStage 7.0.1 on Windows XP

So we have been buzzing along on a project and in the middle of deployment have upgraded all of our development laptops to some new IBM T-60s running Windows XP Pro SP2.

So out of nowhere, there is a bunch of functionality that does not seem to work and it is pretty crucial.

Well after an 3 hours of diddling, searching the web and so forth, I identified that there does seem to be an issue with 7.5 and they have supplied a patch "DataStage Client 7.5 Patch for XP SP2" which is called "" which is not available online to the public.  So our IBM account administrator was able to find the  workaround/patch and email it to me.

I am tempted to publish the patch here as this took us down and was not in the standard CD, download package.  But I do not want to get in trouble from IBM.  So as soon as you hit the issue, call your IBM rep.

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    I ran the utility to create “recovery discs” on my new laptop. It aborted. I registered and emailed tech support for a set of discs. I waited. I emailed again. I waited. Over 3 months, including two emails to the office of the CEO, Mark Hurd, this produced…NO EFFECTIVE COMPAQ SUPPORT!
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    Will I ever recommend or buy Compaq or HP again? Not in THIS lifetime.

  12. Anil Reply

    Can anyone send me file?
    I tried to get it from IBM without success. They asked for ICN number that I do not have it with me. Please help.

  13. Stephen Hayward Reply

    I have a call into IBM to ask them two questions.
    1. How do they handle mainstream IBM software and
    2. How do they handle the integrated, newly acquired software.
    I wonder this as we are also leveraging the Websphere Customer Centre product which I think is very good and it was bought from DWL a little over a year ago.

  14. Vincent McBurney Reply

    There used to be an Ascential online knowledge base where you could search for existing support calls and the fixes and workarounds but this disappeared when IBM shut down the Ascential website. There was also a software search for addons and patches (which was incomplete) and that disappeared as well.
    I remember seeing a bunch of messages on the DataStage exchange about problems with Windows Server Pack 2. The common advice was to avoid loading SP2 as it broke the DataStage client. Looks like they got a fix to it.
    How does IBM normally communication patch releases? Surely this is a common problem with other products.

  15. Graham Boundy Reply

    I received an IBM T60 to replace the T22 I’ve been using since Feb 2002. I’ve had Toshiba, Dell, Compaq, and HP laptops. The T22 has been the best because it survived as long as it did. When I handed it in it had cracked keyboard cover, the CD drive worked from time to time, and it was slow. Some time in 2004 they replaced the hard drive because so many of them had gone bad. And of course the battery was shot — would last for 10-15 minutes and then I’d have to go to AC. What’s also amazing is this PC has survived me. It’s bounced from home to work on the back of my bicycle. I’ve dropped it once or twice.
    I usually take about a week to get a new PC configured to my liking. It has take me about 36 hours to get this one to the way I want it. The people who converted me over moved my files off the hard drive, copied my outlook profile over, set up my printers and network connections – including my VPN.
    I had to install Textpad, Teradata ODBC and Utilities, Adobe, MS Project, MS Activesync, Google Desktop and ERwin.
    And I had to change the screen colours to my favourites.
    What I’m getting to conversions are getting easier because the technology is getting easier to use.
    Now the test can this T60 – lenovo – survive me for the next 4 years.

  16. Jim Reply

    I think this is outrageous. I cannot understand why they would not communicate such a fix immediately.
    I wonder what the private logic of IBM has to not make this patch widely known. Maybe they think it will make them look bad or maybe they do not believe many people will run into the problem.
    These little problems could cause people writing important programs, big money.
    Anybody have a theory of how IBM might think they are doing the correct thing?

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