One subject that has been one of long term goals is having all my activity moving towards the same goal.  I called it integration.   In my early years computers were very unpopular and appeared to be putting people out of work.  Many people hated them and really thought they were not good.  That made me think that maybe the work I was doing was not helping mankind and that made me uncomfortable.  I wanted my personal, professional and spiritual life to be moving forward in an integrated way.  I thought about this occasionally and worked on reconciling the pieces.

I continue to strive for integration.  In my current activities, I attempt to work to make a difference and make a positive contribution.  For me that is my test for integration.   

I certainly realize that this is a work in progress and I always am building on my previous experience and the things I have learned.   I believe life is a journey and not a destination.  I am always becoming.  One day it will all come together.

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