JaJaH – Could this be the Culprit

I have been having a problem ever since I went on my trip to New York where I would get a call from what appeared to be someone I know and when I answer, I would get a recording which said:

"Please hold while Jajah/Jaza connects your call"

Both myself and MIP who is someone I have reason to call have been hit (I think via me) with this issue.  He called Rogers his carrier and I called Bell in regards to my carrier and neither had heard of this as a bug, virus or other maliscious issue.

So today I came across a company Jajah via a post on Telcotrash which I enjoy reading.  It does not exactly match my issue which was around getting multiple calls via this method which I had not signed up for nor did I want to have the calls happen when they did.

  1. mip Reply

    Strange. I checked out the site but didn’t want to test it in case then my number gets spammed. Not entirely sure what the purpose of the service is but hopefully if this was the thing that was calling you it doesn’t re-occur.

  2. krazyjim Reply

    Jajah is the world’s best crank calling service, and it’s free. Go to the Jajah website and you can have two unsuspecting people called who are then connected together in a conversation neither one of them started. The malicious part is that if you are calling to mobile phones in Europe, both people get charged for the call they didn’t place. Check out this very popular story on the subject on Digg: http://digg.com/tech_news/Great_April_1st_Prank_-_Proxy_dialing_on_someone_else_s_phone

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