Forget Web 2.x, Now there is DW 2.x

Mr. Inmon (of inmon data systems) has come up with a new model which be calls DW 2.x (that he has trademarked) which can be found here.

It attempts to evolve the previous version with some of the changes to the old diagram which include:
– the extension of metadata
to include current valued application data (the interactive layer),
– the
inclusion of ETL between the interactive layer and the integrated
– the inclusion of ETL in front of the interactive layer,
– the
inclusion of data quality technology where ETL exists,
– the replacement of
master data into the same category as metadata, and so forth.

I found the whole issue of DW 2.x very interesting as there had been an issue around the Web 2.x trademark.  To protect myself from trademark infringement I eliminated a number that comes before 1 with x (hee hee).

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