What did you learn Today

Who says you stop learning.  Over the past 4 weeks I have been working on a project that has been an amazing learning experience.  Some of my observations are:

  • Living with a complex technology stack means that the separation of each layer could be someone else’s technology and there needs to be a good handoff.  This is crucial as you take Service Oriented Architecture components and upgrade parts of them.
  • Performance is always an issue and we often don’t have the resources or tools to be able to adequately assess where our issues may lie, and then we often just move them around.
  • Communication even when done often is not alone the answer.
  • Planning for the worst case means you will never do it, but living with the risks is what they pay the senior people for.
  • Testing does not mean the same thing in the SOA world and it is hard to get agreement on what testing is needed.
  • Don’t customize an off the shelf application, do the customization in a way that can follow an upgrade path of that technology.
  • Often the answer to your question does not exist and we need to make it ourselves.  So how do we do this with enough balance between today and tomorrow.

These are project related lessons, but the personal ones are amazing.

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