Consulting Skills Training

Over the years I have developed some ideas and experiences that I have shared with others on many subjects related to consulting.  I have recently started some sessions with people at Project X.  They have been well recieved and I am pondering making them available to other consultants who would like to improve their ability to serve their clients.  Some of the subjects I have given training are:

  • Time Management
  • Listening Skills
  • Consultant in the Middle
  • Understanding Your Client
  • Readiness
  • Breakthrough Approach – Achieving Rapid Results
  • Interviewing Skills
  • Ethics in Consulting
  • Building Long Term Relationships

These are some of the modules I have developed and would be prepared to share with people.  My approach is very much experiential.  The consultants discover the things they already know through the structure I provide.  These modules are applicable to internal, as well as external consultants.  I would be curious if there is any interest.   This work really is best done over a series of weekly session in the evenings so that it does not take consultants away from their client work.

  1. Jim Reply

    That would be an interesting module to add about “Consultant Anxiety”.
    Another might be exploring the role of the consultant. I often think of the Senge learning disability “I am my job.” Trying to be what you think a consultant “should” be rather than bringing who you are to the table. We all wear so many masks: Good father, good son, good husband, good project manager, good manager, good partner, good provider, good golfer, etc, etc.

  2. Stephen Reply

    Another area that is softer is the fact that we need to also be trained about ourselves and how we operate in different situations.
    I also think that noticing the point that as a Consultant you fulfill many different roles and that we need to know that just because a job title or task may be one thing, we need to be ready to jump into many different situations and help ourselves and our clients succeed in these situations.

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