From Fletch

I received the following from a friend today – Fletch by nick name – who has pointed out an unintended description of our web-site…

It is a very appropriate website name – Pixillated is a common UK expression for being pissed as a fart, but I looked it up and it can also mean:

  1. feeling bewildered because of being unable to understand what is happening
  2. behaving in a strange or whimsical way
  3. used to describe an image on a computer or television screen that is made up of pixels, especially one that is unclear or distorted

All in all, I’d say you could not have picked a better name

Thanks for that support, Fletch

  1. Stephen Reply

    I love those three definitions. Almost somewhat appropriate
    That is certainly how you looked last week. And as the Fletch I follow would say
    “It’s all done with ball bearings”

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