Smart People

I have had the opportunity to work with many smart people through the years.  This week I found myself in a number of conversations with people I work with that blew me away in clearly how smart the people are.  The challenge it seems is in the ability to articulate and join into conversation versus the preach the knowledge.

Graham is one of the few people who I feel actually is at his best in a conversation versus a preaching excercise.

Some of the other folks I watch, it depends on the nature of the relationship as to how that intelligence is shared.  The sad part is when it is preached as that means the knowledge is not shared truely.

In sales they often say telling’s not selling.  This is very true in any situation.  Just because someone tells another person something of insight that it is understood.  Usually the more insightful the idea, the less of a chance that the person understood.

I liken it to my University Calculus professor who would say "and it is obvious" or "based on first principles" the answer is X and skip on.  I would be left going huh?

So all you smart people, remember there are others out there wanting to understand, but sometimes need some help getting to where you are.  My friend Pete does this for me all the time when it may be clear to him, but foggy to me.

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