Shout Out

So last week on my training course as we came to a close, they asked what we were going to take away (what we learned – two things) and what we were going to do about it.  So we each opened up and talked about how we were going to deal with them.  Mine were:

Consultants Anxiety – Awareness and productive processes to channel energy and behaviour.  OK so you think that this is hokey, they had a whole module to discuss this and the level of insight I have seen about this during and after the session is amazing.   So I am being very proactive and have felt a lot better about some of these items.  I also included alignement of the Consultant in the middle problem.

Rapid Results and Workout – I really found this of value and want to bring that into my every day thinking.  From the way we work in teams to how we share objectives and work towards results not deliverables.

So as a status update, I went into a meeting on Monday and took them all to the test and had a blast on a kick-off meeting I was running.

So Wes Siegal and Katy Paul-Chowdhury of RHSA you should know I have already put the learning to the test.


And thanks to the rest of the group whos participation made the learning safe and enriching.

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