You Know You Are Living The Dream

I am off to Connecticut to RHSA for a Two-day Action workshop called ‘High-Impact Consulting’. This is some follow-on to the conversations with Bob Schaffer and Harvey Thomson.

The workshop is to
– accelerate client change
– generate rapid-cycle success
– learn from experience

now that sounds like some learning. I believe this will he’ll Project X better align our work with clients helping us ‘design for success’. In some early literature they mention this as:
– aim at real client results
– design projecys in terms of what the client is likely to really accomplish
– aim at some rapid, rewarding results
– collaborate with the client and teach (learn – my add) how to do it
– have a highly leveraged impact.

So I will be with 15 other souls learning. I will try and get some group conversation recorded for general consumption.

  1. Jim Reply

    I will be really interested in what you learn and how it changes your consulting approach. When I took the program, it was quite a radical new view of consulting. We were becoming change agents as opposed to experts. I think for you it will be subtle and much more profound. The real challenges is applying the ideas in the IT environment. I think you may find it alters your approach as opposed to what you sell the client.

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