Coaching and Mentoring

Over the years I have benefited from great coaches and mentors.   I sure anybody who has read any of my posts would guess that Harvey was one of my coaches. 

However thru the years, I have reached out to many people for guidance and good ear.  One of the best was a counselor with whom I took my Masters in Psychology .  Lu Watson has been a great listener over the years and has helped me thru some tough times.

Each one of us can benefit from a mentor and coach.  We need to reach out to people and they will be more than pleased to help you.  The most important element is trust and mutual respect. 

I remember reading somewhere that you need different mentors in various stages of your career.   Do not hesitate to find a new mentor as you circumstances change. 

Often a part of my consulting relationship with a client, I become a sounding board for that persons ideas.  I provide a safe place to discuss many complex and sensitive issues.  Some of the things we discuss could not be discuss inside the person’s company comfortably.   When this relationship develops I find it very special and rewarding.

I have different people in my life I turn to for various issues.  Over the years, my older brother has turned from being an older brother to being a good friend and confidant.  Now I find my children can be good listeners and friends.   I have met some phenomenal spiritual coaches over the years. 

What I have found that as long as you do not demand too much of their time, most people are more than happy to give time to talk about things.   Give some thought to who are your coaches and mentors. 

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