Does Process Hide Incompetence

When somebody who has studied process and knows all the steps, can you judge their common sense and understanding of the issue.  You really need to look at what you are trying to achieve in addition going through the steps.  However to work as part of a team we need to be clear on roles.  I think a process is essential when we work in teams. 

A simple example is team selling.  If you are a salesperson working solo, you can do whatever you like.  However if you are team selling, having a sales planning process is really important.  We have really considered the process created by Warren McCarthy of Effectivation to be great.  So using that process really helps do team selling.  I have used the process as a check list for planning a sales call.

However if the person does not have common sense, I do not think process will not help.  However I really not sure.  If the problem is relatively routine, someone with little common sense can do a acceptable job.  My problem, I think, is that I really like the big challenges, make it routine and I get bored.  Therefore I am a bit of snob as far as the routine stuff. 

I guess everybody has their role.

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