Value of Process

I was in a lunch meeting the other day talking about sales process and delivery process.  Though both are unrelated from a task point of view, I find the use of process and it’s value the same.

Both Steve White (over at Effectivation) and I agreed that the true value of the process is when it becomes part of your dna and style so that you can be focusing on the content not the steps.  So for example:

  1. When doing an account plan, the process of creation is a helpful group of steps and thinking methodology that allows you to capture diverse pieces of information to identify holes, opportunities and garner insight.  But most people think that it is a process of filling out a template as opposed to a living document that you leverage the form to focus on the content.

  3. Project Management or Delivery Methodology.  Whether it is waterfall, agile, work breakdown schedules or a myriad of other process components, the processes are all focused on allowing a vehicle to capture and meet a clients objectives.  The process is not the goal, the client requirement being met is.  So when someone is only focused on filling in the blanks on a project plan and not focusing on the content, then we miss the objective.

So the process is crucial, the knowledge, experience and internalizing of the process is the essence.  But being free from focusing on the process and having it happen as akin to breathing allows us to focus on the item we are trying to achieve.

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