Getting Back to Fundementals

Often things are not going the way you want in a personal or business situation, I have a suggestion that always works.  The metaphor that helps me is from golf.  Often when my game is gone to pot, I start to tinker with my swing or some new technique.  When I really become sane, I realize what I really need to do is back to the basics and keep it simple as opposed to having many swing thoughts going thru my head.  Talking to somebody who will take you back to fundamentals often helps.  In business the same lesson applies.

Let us take an example of trying to deal with problems associated with data-warehousing.  To determine whether the flaws in a data structure often poses quite a problem because of the complexity of the structure.  Going back to the fundamentals of good design and rethinking the issue from that point of view, will really help.

Designing a project for rapid results we often get stuck in previous experience and previous examples.  Good designers will be able to clear their mind of all the clutter and go back to the fundamentals.  Rethinking from first principles will help you see a new and creative way to tackle this issue as opposed to trying to cram current issue into an old solution.

Sometimes you need fresh eyes to look at the problem to be able to see the issue differently.  Being able to describe the problem to some fresh eyes, will help you get back to fundamentals.   Here at Project X will have some fresh eyes who can help you go back to fundamentals

"Try it, you’ll like it.  Mikey likes it. "

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