Form vs Function etc…

This original post was done on Graham’s cell phone and he asked me to post this for him…

This little note was generated on a UTstarcom PDA/phone/pocket PC 6700.

Now some will say, "what kind of an idiot would waste their time on that!"

And I have been wondering that myself, given the large number of challenges there are to overcome. But I also see this as a precurser to liberating technology for our age.  Go Anywhere, Do Anything of this tiny )the size of a deck of cards) package.  And while the screen is small, and the thumb keyboard – while larger than the RIM device – is slow (god gave us 10 fingers, am I forced to use only 2?) its convenience is in the lack of wires and total portability.  For, like a deck of cards, it fits neatly into my pocket, goes anywhere and allows me to pass many an empty hour.

But I couldn’t post it without help because I couldn’t remember my blog’in password.

Graham Boundy via Stephen via Qumana…

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  1. Jim Reply

    These things will get a lot easier when we are able to talk and have it compose the message for you that we could edit verbally. Now we are some distance from that but I am sure sooner than we expect. The language may be different than simple conversation but I cannot wait because I am a four or five finger data entry guy.
    I wonder what Marshall McCuen would say about all this. Remember he was the one who said “The medium is the message” and coined the term “Global Village.”

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