Business Strategy

Some people in this high paced environment want their business to have quick success.  They want to hit the grand slam homerun.  In my experience, the most successful people are in business because it is something they want to do as opposed to quick success.  I think the dot com mania did a disservice to people’s business strategies.  However I think it is poor business judgement to start an endeavour simply have quick success and make a killing.  I have known so many people who keep trying to catch the gold ring.  In my personal story and many of the people I know,  success came from doing something we really enjoyed and wanted to do.   Hard work and tenacity really is the key.  Hitting the homerun is about a likely as winning the lottery.  Not a winning business strategy!

  1. Stephen Reply

    Not sure I completely understand. Some thoughts that your post elicited though.
    1. Overnight success (often came after years of hard work).
    2. Aligning Strategy to Rapid Results are great ways to generate quick wins/success and thus allowing you to test your overall strategy.
    But overall there is the saying that if you swing for the fences you strike out more often than you hit a homerun.

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