Coaching Part 2

I would like to give an example of a coaching relationship that lasted many years and we became very good friends later.  The person had just taken over a large systems department that was very dysfunctional and lack support in the rest of the organization.  He also was not seen by the systems people as one of them.  Over a period of time he changed that organization into a highly respect part of the organization that was invited to participate in many initiatives.  It was a very challenging assignment for my client.  However he really believed in the potential for systems to help the organization and worked to create a new image for the department.

My work involved meeting with him at least weekly and later in sessions with his management team.  Planning sessions and discussion about personel issues were common.  We had many discussion on the ideasand vision he had to change the organization.  One thing  was that he worked with the people he had inherited.   Changing their attitudes and getting their support took patience and tenacity on his part. 

I am so proud of my client and the personal changes he made and the help he was able to give his organization.  I believe I really delivered value to him and his organization.

As I have said before, these engagements were some of the most satisfying of my career.  I feel they were the ones that had the most long lasting effect of people and organization.

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