Air Canada Selects Teradata

Well congratulations Teradata.  It appears out of Dayton Ohio emerges another new Teradata customer – Air Canada.

Here is a brief snippet from the press release

(Air Canada) has selected Teradata for its new data warehouse. The new data warehousing platform will initially be used to enhance Air Canada’s yield-marketing intelligence, and provides Air Canada a scalable platform, giving the company the option to address future growth in customer relationship management and finance analytics applications. Migration to the new Teradata warehouse is scheduled for first-quarter 2007 completion.

The new Teradata warehouse will include Teradata’s market-leading analytical software, a two-node Teradata 5380 server, a Teradata 4480 development server, and four terabytes of storage.

I am sure this was a hard fought battle.  Well welcome to the single version of the truth world.  I also hear a rumour that there is one more big guy to come…

  1. Graham Boundy Reply

    I believe most teradata people would prefer you saying they’re based in SanDiego – better yet Rancho Bernardo – and not Dayton

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