Coaching Part 1

This will be the first in a series I plan to create on the ideas of coaching.  I believe this activity has been the most satisfying part of my consulting practice over the years.  The work often comes many forms and can be a short term involvement or one that lasts many years. 

One form it  takes is being a sounding board for somebody’s ideas.  Many people working in an organization can benefit from having somebody they can talk to about their ideas that is outside the internal structure and internal politics.   The key in this relationship is one of trust and confidentiality.  Items discussed are for the benefit of the person being coached, whom I will call te coachee.

Sometimes an organization will develop a program where coaching is provided to people to help in their development. 

I think being a manager in these rapidly changing times is a very high stress job and  all the downsizing that is happening adds to the stress.  Having somebody to talk to about concerns and worries can help greatly.  We all need to feel encouraged.

A teacher of mine called talking about ideas and issues the process of Psychoclarity.  He said giving an issue words, as opposed to just thoughts, can really help clarify things.

Often the coaching relationship starts around a specific issue and develops from there.  Planning and strategy work can be a great starting point. 

I will talk more about these issues in later posts. 

  1. Stephen Reply

    I have often observed that the process of sharing with a coach helps give clarity on issues that you often only get a chance to work on in your own mind.
    The act of verbalizing in a safe environment without the other person jumping in to immediately suggest ideas is very stimulating.
    Looking forward to the series.

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    Bitacle Blog Search Archive – Coaching Part 1

    This will be the first in a series I plan to create on the ideas of coaching. […]

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