Committment to Hang In

One of the reputations that consultants have is they coming swooping in like the Lone Ranger and give advice and are gone in a cloud of dust.  Another great metaphor is "Slam, Bam, Thank You, Ma’am".  Hanging in for the long term has been a central value in my consulting practice and we continue it at Project X.  So we will not go away in a huff if our advice is not taken.  We recognize that our client has many more issues than the ones we can see and the client can share. 

We also passionately want a satisfied client.  We will not stone unturned and no avenue not explored to make things turn out right.

I remember a lesson I learned many years ago.  A presenter once said that love is not a feeling but a commitment to hang in and work it out.  When your child misbehaves you may not have feeling of love, but you never stop loving the child.  We make the same commitment to our clients to hang in a work it out.

I think it also refers to the Active Involvement Methodology I referred in an earlier post.  We identify with our clients and his situation and their problems are our problems.

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