Focus on People, not Things

In order to get things done, I often take the attitude "Damn the Torpedoes, Full Speed Ahead."  That is an old WWII expression but very apt.  Unless it is a emergency where things must happen quickly, paying attention to people is really important to the success of the endeavour.  Sometimes the people seem to be just a hinderance but in the long run, working with the people as opposed to thru them always has paid off for me. 

Let us take trivial examples.  In the grocery store at check-out, do you engage the check-out person in some pleasant conversation or do you focus on getting thru the line quickly.  Can you imagine how much more pleasant you could make that person’s day if you have a short meaningful exchange?  How is you day do far?  How do like the new 24 hour opening? 

I used to go to a liquor store where there was a particularly friendly clerk who always brightened my day.  I would go out of my way to go to that store rather than another.

Something I would like to do more is call the service people, who have name tags on, by their name.  I think if I made a habit of it, I would likely do it more. 

Anyway, so how was your day so far?

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