Most Important Teachers

Most of us have had teachers in our formal education that have been very important in our development. 

I recall Mr. Goodyear who was my Physics and Math teacher in high school.  He was a great guy and a phenomenal teacher.  He really inspired me and made physics and math so understandable.

Then my first year university english prof, Burns Martin, was another really dedicated fellow.  I failed my Christmas english exam and when he saw how well I had done in other courses he spent the rest of the year giving me coaching.  He never showed any favours to me with my marks but really helped.  He was not a well man and died after he had finished marking the exams. 

My Physics prof in first and second year, Dr. Archibald, really made Physics live for me.  Great teacher in a subject most people found difficult. 

Bert Vail, a teacher in my final undergrad year, help with some wisdom.  The quote I remember from him was "we are not aware of the growth, only the pain."  He was talking about our development and being stretched.

Does anybody have any teachers that really were turning points in their development?

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