Learning Disabilities

We started the Senge Circle when Peter Senge published his book "The Fifth Discipline".  We found it profound but difficult.  One of things about the book I really loved was his learning disabilities. 

One was the "Myth of the Management Committee".  We all think that the Management Committee are responsible to solving the organization’s problems.  Really it is just shifting the burden to someone else. 

Another is "I am my job".  If you are a president, vice-president, project leader, or consultant, rather than being yourself it is very tempting to be your preconceived Idea of what a person in that position should be.  We all know that is faulty thinking but it is so enticing.   Preconceived ideas get us into all kinds of trouble.

  1. Graham Boundy Reply

    Harvey’s main question about The Fifth Discipline was , “How do you make it work in a practical way?”

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