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Our friend MIP has a new expirement called MIPTeeVee and today he has a great video about ‘Bridging Moment‘ which is about finding ways to bridge our hectic lives and reflect and bring balance.  I thought I would point you to it as this is very true and we all need this or we will go crazy.  I will have to search for that happy place and maybe share it on (my expiremental personal spot).  I know that Graham has many (Sailing and Canoeing).

  1. Stephen Reply

    I have often felt that when we are experiencing things we are often experiencing them as they become memories – as it takes us processing time and by that time it is the past. I was reading something that made me think today about how hard it is to focus on the present situation. As this applies to consulting, we are always challenged with listening as opposed to problem solving while we listen.
    Some food for thought.

  2. Jim Reply

    There is a great quote from Micheal Brown’s Presence Portal at
    “A joyful, abundant and healthy life is pouring itself upon us in each moment.
    When we “live in time”, the vessel that we are, is turned upside down.
    We therefore spend our life experience getting instead of receiving.”

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