Living on the Edge …

I have been thinking about my CoffeeCAST (Thanks Jim for the note) and have realized a few interesting things that made the conversation the way it was.

  • Me talking to who – mostly myself, I need to be talking with others and learning from them.
  • Technology and stuff – becasue I am working to understand the technology past the edge of my experience, I am really pushing myself.  I spent the day yesterday working on a dot net application and it was so easy and so yesterday :>
  • Why was I even talking about that …

The last is the most important point.

The last two months have been very crazy and hairy.  I have been spending most of my work and personal time either outside my box or with people who were outside their box.  This reflection reminded me of living on the big hairy edge.  Not sure where that came from, but recapped my thoughts nicely.

What I hope comes of this is some personal enlightenment on how to work through both controlled and uncontrolled evolution.  I am pretty sure I am there, but not sure I can properly present my thoughts.  So on we go with evolution.

So what is good about your life today?
For me … I learned something new.

  1. Stephen Reply

    The other really interesting thing is the journey. People often forget about the experiences and learning along the way. I found this a good post for me to be able to share and park some of my thoughts as opposed to reviewing them over and over again.
    Thanks for your support through this. The next couple of weeks should be really interesting.

  2. Jim Reply

    Sounds like you are processing lots of good stuff. I think you give yourself too hard a time about not grasping the technology. I expect you know more than most and much more than you think.
    Learning is often about learning what we do not know as we learn new things. We often focu on what we do not know as opposed to what we know. Think of how much you have progressed on many issues.
    Keep up the search and learning new things.

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