CoffeeCAST – #28 – Disruption, Evolution and Change

Welcome to the 28th CoffeeCAST with Stephen Hayward
of Project X.  Oh my god get ready to put those white shoes away it is almost labour day.  So it is a lovely day here and Labour Day is almost upon us.

With all the activity over the last couple of weeks I have done some thinking on disruption and what it does to us personally and at work.  That’s how we came to today’s topic.

In today’s episode I talk about the three pillers of People, Process and Technology and how disruption helps to drive evolution and change.  Some of the talking points cover:

  • Sourcing – In-source, Out-Source, Global-Source, Offshore
  • Disruptive Innovation

This is not about the dusruption but the attitude to embrace the learning and build the internal capacity to change and evolve.

Download cc_28_disruption_change_and_evolution.mp3

So I hope you have a nice coffee in your hand as I have a home brewed Starbucks.  Listen in and we hope you
and more importantly, hope you join in the conversation.  So drop a
comment in the blog or send me an email and share your thoughts on the

The Podcast is available on iTunes or here for download.  Have a great day and join the conversation.

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