Segmenting and Targeting

My good friend MIP over at mip’s scan sent me a note about an article called ‘Product Sabotage‘.  He knows how much I love my Starbucks.  The real purpose of the article is on how to maximize value and profits on customers.

This article reminded me about when working through University at a bar we would often put on the chaulk board a drink as a feature or special.  It was often on the main menu but not always and every once in a while we would make the price more expensive than the one on the menu board.  We would find that people would order the nights feature and even look to pay more – we didn’t charge more as the cash register had that part figured out.

Both this article and my previous experience are very interesting cases in how understanding your customers and learning how to segment, target and capture them is an ever evolving art.  I call it an art as there may be some science and there are many tools to help, but when done right it is still an art and you need some people to pull it together.

So thanks I knew about the short, but did not know that it was the best priced item – so congrats to Jim as that is often what he orders.

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