Xtreme Data Warehousing – Passport

So it finally made it into main stream that the Canadian Government is looking into facial recognition for passport control.

Take a look at this IT Business Article.

As discussed in previous examples of extreme data warehousing the technology is there.  This is even a more passive or less obtrusive way to work this process, but once again it is about the privacy and process not the technology (but don’t kid yourself the tech piece will be a fun challenge).

Sure fingerprints or irus scans may be more accurate, but well that is very intrussive.  I would surmise it to say that going with the facial recognition would certainly be better than no screening.  The challenge will be when they capture a match what do they do.  This where we are back to people and how they deal with these situations.  I would hope there is more energy being spent on the people, process and training piece than the technology – ’cause this will be wrong a certain percentage of the time as technology is fallable.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

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